Ashley Chow

ashley chow

Your name and where you’re from.

My name is Ashley Chow and I’m from Happy Valley, Oregon.

What are your passions in life?

I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and finding balance between working as a nurse and enjoying my time as a newlywed.

Who or what inspires you?

I am the oldest of four siblings and we are all in the front lines of healthcare at this moment. My siblings not only keep me grounded, but they have been invaluable to my mental and physical health during this pandemic. They are my continued source of inspiration, humility and gratitude.

What words best describe you and make you a True Character?

Genuine, focused, spirited and sunny!

What phrase or saying do you live by?

Just keep swimming.

How would you describe your fashion and/or hat style?

My style is fun! I love to dress for how I feel at the moment. Clothes and hats have always been a way for me to creatively express myself. It offers the world a glimpse of who I am without saying a word. At work, I don’t get to be creative with hospital issued scrubs for procedures. So, I take the opportunity when I can to wear a fun scrub cap to help break the ice and ease patient stress by showing them a fun and softer side to medicine.

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