Our Story

We Make Hats For True Characters

Peter Grimm is a classic American success story. We were built by hard work, creativity, innovation and character.

As a small entrepreneurial company, we’ve driven many trends in the headwear industry from our tiny office in San Marcos, California. We have been trendsetters and style makers from the start, and the unique authenticity of the hats that we make and the stories that they shape has always attracted other True Characters — people who need to be ahead of the trend, not following it.

Every hat that we build is an original Peter Grimm design. Every element and every detail is painstakingly considered, developed and produced. Today, Peter Grimm is a brand that is recognized as a mark of quality, value, craftsmanship and style worldwide. More importantly, we remain a small company with a big commitment to two words which convey our dedication to our heritage, culture and legacy: True Character.

We make hats for True Characters. Show yours to the world in a Peter Grimm.

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Headwear Innovator & Founder

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